Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Magic Link includes music scores for all 24 pieces of P.I.Tchaikovsky’s Children’s Album and 18 selected pieces from R. Schumann’s Album for the Young.

While providing an excellent Romantic repertoire, its scope is much further-reaching than conventional sheet music publications. Formatted as a lively dialogue between a teacher and her students, The Magic Link provides essential instructional material that teachers can use with their students. The Magic Link explores the composers’ inspirations and explains how the music was created. It shows the thematic links between the two albums and demonstrates the compositions’ connections to composers of previous periods, highlighting how Tchaikovsky and Schumann were influenced by earlier masters.

This first-of-its-kind book helps teachers and parents to introduce their students to an in-depth process of musical education. It guides students towards understanding the basics of piano literature and musical text analysis, touching on serious issues accessibly and enjoyably. The book boasts delightful illustrations. Atmospherically related to the musical piece to which they are attached, these illustrations contribute to the learning process by inspiring new students’ imaginations.

While being a completely standalone publication, The Magic Link employs the best traditions of celebrated Russian teaching methods to exhaustively explore the children’s albums that Rada Bukhman also addresses in "Discovering Color behind the Keys: The Essence of the Russian School of Piano Playing." As such, The Magic Link can also be seen as an indirect sequel to this landmark publication.


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The Magic Link - a book review by Melany Spanswick, a concert pianist and author
posted on November 8, 2013 at The Classical Piano and Music Education Blog

It’s always a pleasure reading or playing through new piano music publications, whether they be sheet music or text books, but The Magic Link is a piano book that encompasses both genres. Russian pianist and educator, Rada Bukhman has designed a piano tutor with a twist, thus creating a completely different way to set about learning or assimilating classical piano music.

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