Rates and Policies

The benefits of studying with me include, but are not limited to:

1. A solid musical and technical foundation for life, whatever the goal of the lessons would be. 

2. Development of proper technique from the first steps in learning, with which I have deep experience.

3. With my approach students develop faster and easier. They learn interesting repertoire from the first year, exploring variety of musical styles and genres

4. My students not only learn to play piano, they acquire skills necessary for any career: I improve their ability to focus, their attention to details, analytical abilities, and I develop memory and work skills.

5. I build confidence. Most of my students enjoy performing. They feel comfortable and confident on stage



Piano Tuition for individual lessons


30 Minutes- $40 
45 Minutes -$55 
60 Minutes -$70 
90 Minutes -$90

The payments should be made on the first week of each month. Make up lessons are discucced privately.

The tuition you pay covers not only our lesson time, but other important aspects of teaching  as well.  The tuition paid includes 

* Time spent one-on-one with the student during lessons 
* Holding your weekly spot available for your use
* Time spent in organizing and running recitals and other studio events
* Continuing education for the teacher- seminar and festival attendance, teaching association memberships, keeping up-to-date on teaching resources and trends, time spent researching and inventing new and effective teaching ideas, as well as the upkeep of teacher training and expertise 
* Studio expenses such as photocopying,  the upkeep of studio instruments  (tunings, repairs, music books, CDs), other studio equipment, space rental, taxes.
* Studio administration and studio maintenance time, such as development of curriculum, scheduling, answering your emails, lesson preparation.