Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pacific International Youth Music Festival

Sarah Yang (7 y.o.) -1 st place in Intermediate group

(grade 7-9)

CDMF Performing Arts Festival

Sara Y. (Concerto group, age 12 and under ) 3-d place

Russian Festival

Jingchen M. 1-st place
Grace H. 1-st place
Elsie L. 2-d place
Viktor S. 2-d place

Kiwanis Festival

Elsie L. (Grade 6, Baroque Composer group) 1-st place
Kathy X. (Grade 10, Classical Composer Group) 2-d place
Esther L. (Grade 10, Romantic Composer Group) 3-d place

Piano Star Competition

Sara Yang and Elsie Lu sucessfully  performed in Michael J. Fox Theatre