Rada is an extremely talented musician and pianist. My daughter Elsie Lu was so lucky to have such a wonderful teacher for the past six years. Rada has a unique way of teaching kids and because of her expertise and experience, Elsie has outstading results at local, national and international competitions.

Rada is very caring tfor students and always tailor lessons to their needs. Her lessons are very enjoyable and she builds a solid foundation to develop children's interest in playing piano. My daughter is now deeply in love with classical music and interested in pursuing music as her career.


Shawnah, L


Mrs Bukhman is  great piano teacher who teaches beyond just playing the piano, she introduces different styles of music even at young age!

If the student works hard, she will works harder!


Estella G

Finding a good piano teacher can be difficult. Finding a really great piano teacher in your area is almost impossible. Rada is a very talented highest ranked professional teacher that possesses unique knowledge and experience with all level piano players. Where one can make 10-20steps to achieve a certain result Rada knows how to skip 19 unnecessary steps to get to the result fastest and easiest way. If your are serious about piano you cannot miss this rare chance.
Saida M
Rada was my daughter's teacher for several years. Tal came to Rada after a bad tendonitis, canceled music exam and several musical performances. It was a very sensitive and delicate situation. From the first lesson, I was impressed by Rada's professionalism, dedication, and talent, but most importantly by her love for music and children. It felt as Rada sees something very special in my daughter and just helping her to develop, grow professionally, become a better musician and more rounded person. I could see how slowly my daughter became a more confident and independent musician and after a year of lessons got back to the local music scene, winning several competitions and achieving very high mark at her grade 10 RCM piano exam. Friedrich Nietzsche once said, Without music, life would be a mistake. I truly understood the meaning of this phrase after meeting Rada. Rada lives music and is making her students to do the same - from the right posture at the piano, every small technical detail, conceptualization and in-depth understanding of the music piece - she was able to make my daughter shine.
Sabina D
One should listen to Rada's pupils playing to get a great impression! 
It's an outstanding combination of brilliant technique, intelligence and a real depth in performance. 
She succeeds in discovering musical abilities in different children with different characteristics and background.
Alexandra V.

Ms. Rada is super awesome! She is an innovative teacher. She adapts different techniques to teach to my 2 children of different age groups and characteristics. She always finds ways to help our kids learn and be better at piano.

Melanie C.