Rada was my daughter's teacher for several years. Tal came to Rada after a bad tendonitis, canceled music exam and several musical performances.

It was a very sensitive and delicate situation.

From the first lesson, I was impressed by Rada's professionalism, dedication and talent, but most importantly by her love for music and children. It felt as Rada sees something very special in my daughter and just helping her to develop, grow professionally, become a better musician and more rounded person.

I could see how slowly my daughter became a more confident and independent musician and after a year of lessons got back to the local music scene, winning several competitions and achieving very high mark at her grade 10 RCM piano exam.

Friedrich Nietzsche once said, Without music, life would be a mistake. I truly understood the meaning of this phrase after meeting Rada. Rada lives music and is making her students to do the same - from the right posture at the piano, every small technical detail, conceptualization and in-depth understanding of the music piece - she was able to make my daughter shine.


Sabina D


Rada really taught me how to listen carefully and how to approach music with thought, which are very vital to understanding the art. It is very rare and I am very lucky to have been able to attend her  lessons, because she is a true artist who really wants the best for her  students

Kelvin L

My daughter, Elsie, has improved piano skills a lot apparently since instructed by Rada five months ago. Elsie enjoyed her lessons very much as Rada has great passion in teaching with her extraordinary expertise. Different from our previous piano instructor, she explains the music, inspires Elsie to appreciate music and grasp the music spirit not only just playing it, which instills her love of music and stimulate the desire to make great music at the piano. She is a great pianist and a professional teacher as well. We are so lucky to have her as Elsie’s instructor. And we are very delighted to attend recitals with the performance of all her students in her studio periodically.

Wayne Lu


Rada is a real musician and a real piano teacher. She emphasizes the understanding of the essence of music itself rather than just knocking the black and white keys on the piano. She also makes great efforts to engage her students in the study of music. The weekend music salon every month is a perfect example of her style of teaching. It is fun as well as educational and even the parents of students can benefit themselves from this monthly event if they are willing to learn something about music.
My daughter started with Rada when she was only five years old. She finished her Grade 5 piano in about a year and a half. She is a real piano player now. She tells me: "Daddy, I play music with my heart." She plays piano beautifully and even the neighbors come and listen to her playing. "It is an enjoyment to listen to her playing." they often say. My daughter is very happy and loves to play with Rada.
David Yang


Rada is not only teaching piano, but also teaching music.She sets a wonderful example for my daughter Esther to express herself through music played by the instrument of piano.
I appreciate her generous and brilliant acts to present monthly salon concerts at her studio which have been benefiting students and parents tremendously.
I feel blessed and privileged to enjoy Rada's fruitful blooming on my daughter's music education.
Margaret Chen


Why do I want my son to take piano lessons? As I see it, the modern world is unequally divided into 2 parts- the bigger part tries to find ways to "kill time", as the smaller one has a catastrophic lack of time. The bigger one is always bored, while the other is engaged and purposeful. In my believe, the children who learn the noble art of music, are never bored. Of course, they are busy, less computer time. But, I think that through the process of learning of the universal language of music, they evolve as human beings, become compassionate and kind.
Why did I choose Rada as our teacher? Simply because Rada is very passionate about her work. She knows how to fascinate the child into the world of music. The theatrical concerts she organizes almost on the monthly basis help the children to fall in love with the art of music as well as refine their performing skills. Rada is exceptionally educated and progressive teacher. She often plays for the children helping them to become better listeners and appreciators of classical music.
I am very thankful to Rada for her hard work and expertise to grow small musicians. As great Dmitry Shostakovich had said “People are not born as lovers and savants of music but evolve into them..." D.Shostakovich

Dear Rada, I believe in you!
Alla Shmulevich


Rada Bukhman is a fantastic teacher who is extremely dedicated to her work and her teaching. She is talented, patient, knowledgeable and absolutely committed to her students. My daughter has improved significantly since started piano lessons with her. She teaches her to "feel" music and play songs with characters. Besides, her lesson will also cover all aspect of music, like ear training and sight reading. My daughter also enjoyed playing duets with Rada which motivated her a lot. She is now having developed a greater appreciation for music and has solid musical foundation. We feel so lucky to have Rada as my daughter's musical guide. It's a privilege to study with her. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants professional piano training.
Joey Yeung